Let's fight against COVID-19 together!
Let's fight against COVID-19 together!
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kF94 Mask
kF94 Mask
kF94 Mask
kF94 Mask
KF94 Cleantop Mask PM 1.0

KF94 Cleantop Mask PM 1.0

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Product Description

Highly effective KF94 mask is designed to filter out over 94% of microorganisms in the air, from dust particles to viruses. Curved design ensures a snug fit, which offers excellent protection as well as optimum comfort. Remember to press the wired edge of the mask against the bridge of your nose for the best fit!

Product features
  • 3D flat-fold design allows the mask to fit perfectly on face while allowing breathable space.
  • Effectively filters out fine dust and other PM 1.0 air particles.
  • Features ear loops made of elastic Spandex fabric to offer comfort.
  • Approved by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.
  • Made in Korea
  • Easy Breathing
  • Against Nuisance Dust
  • Anti Haze

Note** KF94 & N95 & KN95 & FFP2 they are all standards recommended by World Health Organization for health protection
They are not exactly the same, but equivalent standard. (FFP2 is a European standard, N95 is a USA standard, KN95 is a Chinese standard, KF94 is a Korean standard ) Protective ability :FFP2=N95=KN95=KF94

Instructions for Use
  1. Wash your hands before putting on a mask. Choose the correct size of the mask and ensure there are no defects.
  2. Position the mask under your chin with the nosepiece up.
  3. Lightly stretch the ear loops over onto the back of your ear and release loops.
  4. Do not touch the front surface of the mask.
  5. Perform a fit check, not touching the mask with your hands, exhale. If the mask remains on snug and seal between the mask and face is not broken, the mask is on correctly and fits your face.
  6. Wash your hands after removing the mask.
  • Masks should be stored in a clean environment to prevent damage, dust, direct sunlight, high temperature, and harmful chemical pollution.
  • Must be properly stored away from contaminated areas.
  • Protect from mechanical compression, humidity, high temperature, sunlight, and corrosive chemicals.
  • It is recommended that the product be stored at a temperature of -2 ° C to +30 ° C and relative humidity of 80% or less.
Warnings and Precautions
  • Poor facial fit will provide inadequate protection.
  • Avoid touching the inside of the mask at all times.
  • Immediately after wearing the mask, check the wearing tightness immediately to ensure that the mask is worn in the correct position.
  • Wash your hands before each wear and every time you remove the mask. When exposed to a polluted environment, always wear a mask.
  • When you feel the breathing resistance increases significantly, or when the mask is broken, you should replace the mask.
  • This mask is not washable. Washing will damage the filter material structure, cause penetration, and damage the adsorption force of the electrostatic filter material.
  • From a hygiene point of view, the recommended use of time is 4 hours.

Tips: All of our masks are in stock, but limited quantity. Upon placing an order, we will ship your order in 24 hours.

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